Connecting to ARKON (RCON)

So you want to manage your server remotely? Ark Survival has introduced RCon support in earlier patches, and ARKon makes it possible to connect remotely.

Firstly, go ahead and download the ARKon Application:

1. Once it is installed, open it and go to the Settings tab.
2. Click on "Default"
3. Click on "Load"

4. Config Name - Type anything here you can use to identify your server, or even leave it default.
5. Server IP - this you should know, or check in our control panel.

** Open your configuration file: GameUSerSettings.ini (Main Config File) at this point, via our control panel ***

6. RCON Port -
(You can use CTRL+F to search within the file)
> Make sure your configuration file has: RCONEnabled=True
> Check your config file for: RCONPort=32332 (Your port could be different, the number ie. 32332 is what your port is)

7. Password -
> Check your config file for: Password=GRSGFHDf (The ' GRSGFHDf ' in this example is your password in ARKON)

8. Chat Name - You can leave this blank, or use your ingame name.
> It will basically show before a broadcast/serverchat message you send through ARKon to your players: Greg: blah blah blah
> Or if left Blank ... It'll show-  " : blah blah blah "

That's it! You've set everything that's required. Now Click Save.

9. Click on Console

10. Click Connect

[08:13:57] Connecting...
[08:13:57] Connected

It works! Now you can use server commands, RCon works without "admincheat" or "cheat". For example, to save the world, where in-game you would use "cheat saveworld" in ARKcon you'll just use "saveworld".

Have Fun!

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